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Live Baby Live is an authentic replication of the great INXS. 

Six of Australia's finest musicians bring the INXS legacy to life with the vintage sound and 80's swagger that defined a generation.


Simon Kennedy stars as Michael Hutchence reimagined, with a passionate and emotionally fuelled performance from the heart that channels the sex appeal, mojo and energy of Hutch. 

Be prepared for an experience that will remind you of everything you felt when INXS conquered the world!

INXS_Forster_0223 copy.JPG
Simon Kennedy
as Michael Hutchence
Josh Bowen
Josh Bowen
as Kirk Pengilley
Carlton Sparks
Carlton Sparks
as Tim Farriss
Justin Miranda_edited.jpg
Justin Miranda
as Garry Gary Beers
Chris McCaig_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Chris McCaig
as John Farriss
Matt Porter / Mick Smith
as Andrew Farriss
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